How to create your very own weekend ‘road trip’ — complete with a cellar door wine tasting, off-grid nature hike, and luxe hotel stay — without even leaving the city.

Ongoing travel restrictions and Covid lockdowns can throw even the most last minute plans into disarray. Why not consider a staycation in Melbourne instead? There’s no rush to the airport, no anxiety-inducing flight cancellations, and no threat of a ring of steel to dampen the mood…

Here’s my guide to the ultimate Melbourne staycation — with a cellar door visit, off-grid hike, romantic restaurant, and luxe hotel stay all rolled…

The problem with modern writing culture today is that borrowed language pervades even our most subconscious attempts at writing ‘cool’ prose.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Yo, I got you, boo. Just holla at me. Like my bling? That’s on fleek, bae. Okurrrrr.

Is writing like this cultural appropriation? Or a natural progression of language resulting from cultural cross-pollination? And why do so many young, white writers sprinkle their prose with these references in an attempt to sound hip — but actually come across as anything but?

I know the answer — because I can speak from experience. But before I delve into the discussion about why these words are undoubtedly cultural appropriation, let’s talk about how it all started…

The 2000s and 2010s were a…

A fashion Instagrammer’s top packing tips for those who want to look chic on holidays.

If you’re someone who likes to look good on holidays (no shade to those who prefer sweats and Kathmandu hiking gear, all power to you), then you’ll inevitably experience the age-old conundrum: how to pack a capsule wardrobe of clothing options that will work together in harmony.

Packing your favourite pieces alone won’t do the trick; you’ll probably find yourself frustrated when you realise your favourite top doesn’t go with any of the bottoms you’ve thrown into your suitcase.

So, if you don’t want to…

A luxe pool and spa, bottle of premium sparkling, and high-end restaurant at your fingertips? Doesn’t sound like camping to us…

With a long weekend looming and international travel off the cards, it’s time to rediscover the best that Victoria has to offer. I had been meaning to head to Mitchelton Estate for a while now — it’s only a leisurely 1.5hr drive from Melbourne — but when an invitation to try out their luxe Airstream campers nestled amongst the vines landed in my inbox, I jumped at the chance to visit.

Here is my ultimate weekend itinerary — for…

In the pursuit of fashion’s Me Too moment, a disappointing blind spot has emerged.

Image: Unsplash

Remember when allegations of Harvey Weinstein’s systematic and wide-spread sexual abuse emerged? Of course you remember — because it was covered widely, shared widely, and sparked the revival of a global hashtag, #MeToo. Celebrities publicly supported those who shared their stories and shamed Weinstein for his alleged actions.

Weinstein was sacked by his own company, the Oscars board expelled him, and he was stripped of an honorary medal from Harvard. The Producers Guild of America, The Television Academy, and Bafta moved to ban him. Even his own wife announced that she was leaving him.

And then, fashion’s Me Too moment…

A blockbuster comic book movie is hardly the most inspiring source text for a discussion of feminism — but since we are here, let’s talk about it like it was meant to be taken more seriously than any other male-led superhero movie seemed to be.

Image: Warner Bros

The first instalment of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman celebrated unabashed female excellence. It made feminists cry. It broke box office records. And it reminded us that Hollywood still centres traditional male protagonists at the forefront of storytelling despite the financial pulling power of a female-led narrative.

So Wonder Woman 1984 was always going to be…

There’s something for everyone less than a two hour drive from Melbourne. Stay close this holiday season and explore your own backyard in cosmopolitan Ballarat.

As we venture a little closer to home in 2021 due to worldwide travel restrictions and concerns over a relentless global pandemic, it’s the perfect time to rediscover old favourites for long weekends away.

Try somewhere other than the beach this summer — here’s my fuss-free weekend itinerary for a decidedly cosmopolitan couple of days in Ballarat.

11.30am: Brunch at Johnny Alloo

Gift yourself a casual start, leaving Melbourne about 9.30am. …

It’s hard to wear pastels without looking dowdy — but these ten pieces will have you looking anything but. Here’s to the power of pastels.

St Cloud Resort ’20 (Image provided)

Colour? For summer? Groundbreaking… but in real life, it can be hard to adjust from the blacks and greys of a winter wardrobe to the vibrant colour pop of a summer wardrobe. So this year, why not go a little lighter?

On trend for 20/21 summer are a set of delicious gelato pastels that are easy as pie to match back with any collection — add a pair of faded denim jean shorts and a…

From the reflective salt plains of Lake Tyrrell to the pink lakes of the Murray-Sunset National Park, and the Red Cliffs just out of town, a long weekend in Mildura is a riot of colours that will definitely up your Instagram game.

Mildura is a pretty town set on the banks of the great Murray River — a gateway to some of the best natural wonders in Australia — but this buzzing river city is often overlooked for a weekend road trip due to its distance from Melbourne.

The six hour drive certainly seems a lot on paper, but when…

As we see an increase in popularity for podcasters, writers, and activists on our social platforms, we are also questioning the relevance of influencers who post a never-ending feed of paid and gifted products. So how do creators make money without ads?

I recently unfollowed an influencer I had been following for a few years. It wasn’t the content that was the problem; her feed was filled with stylish, sepia-toned images of perfect outfits and filtered selfies. The problem was, every single image was sponsored. Or gifted. Or a collab.

It made me wonder: in a world where tokenistic activism…

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